Philadelphia Miniatura

Several months ago, I was contacted by the show promoter of Philadelphia Miniatura, in hopes Tiny Dwelling would consider participating in this years 2017 show…..

I am pleased to make the announcement, TINY DWELLING is GOING to Philadelphia Miniatura!  Thank you Sarah for the invitation, much appreciated.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 9.17.32 AM

For additional show information, please see link below:


OH MY, I must get BUSY!!!




This September 2017, will mark the 300th issue Special Issue for the UK based DOLLSHOUSE WORLD miniature magazine, YEAH for DOLLSHOUSE WORLD!

I’m also VERY HAPPY to share that Tiny Dwelling is featured in the Miniature Showcase, thank you Maria Fitzgerald and Richard Jennings, I am most appreciative.

FullSizeRender copy 3




When I received the issue, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Tiny Dwelling was sharing the Miniature Showcase feature with Looking Glass Miniature!

Since starting my journey into this wonderful world of miniatures, I have discovered many talented artisans, Jennifer Osmond Hatt is one of those. Jennifer creates what I consider to be the best miniature books in the industry, with real pages inside! I discovered Jennifer’s work via her Etsy shop, Looking Glass Miniature (see link below), I was amazed at Jennifer’s work and contacted her. Excited to learn we would both be traveling to Chicago, Illinois, to participate in our first miniature show in 2016. Jennifer is a calming soul, when I first met her, I felt as if I had know her for a long time. If your in the market for miniatures books and other lovely paper items, LOOK NO FURTHER, than Looking Glass Miniatures!





So thrilled to share the feature with Jennifer, if your reading this, HI Jenn!






August FREE GIFT Month

Hello Everyone!

I do hope you are enjoying your SUMMER…

This month, is FREE GIFT MONTH!

For every Jacominis order placed in August, YOU will receive a FREE GIFT, maybe TWO!


Visit the Jacominis website at

Change the Language Option to English, unless you know Dutch, then go shopping!

When selecting an item, simply place your items in the ADD TO WISHLIST.

LOOK for this: Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.21.44 PM

When your finished shopping SELECT My Wishlist, located at the top of the page.

LOOK for this: Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.20.14 PM

Review your Wishlist.

SCROLL down, selecting Tiny Dwelling from the dropdown.                                                                   Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.25.54 PM

Complete the Wishlist Information and SEND Wishlist.

Tiny Dwelling will then contact you to process order, collect payment and your Wishlist items and FREE GIFTS will be on their way!

You can also Sign Up for the Jacominis Newsletter while your on the website!


Exciting news forthcoming, stay tuned!

To The Bookstore I will GO!

Hello Everyone!

The title of todays post “To The Bookstore I Will GO”?

What in the world?

Did I discover another miniature “how to” book? Remember, I started this Blog after discovering a miniature “how to” book!

Several months ago, I was contacted via Tiny Dwelling by a Children’s Book author!

The author was inquiring about a miniature dressing table I had created and at that time was listed for sale within the shop. The author explained to me, she had a series of children’s books featuring mice, with a current book in progress about a mouse named Katie Mouse. Katie Mouse was getting married and this bride was in need of a dressing table!

I was thrilled the dressing table was just what Katie Mouse needed, Katie Mouse sure has a nice human friend looking out for her on her wedding day! The author requested to purchase the dressing table and asked permission to feature the dressing table within the book!

I was so honored children’s author Anne L. Watson contacted me several months ago, because today, I am happy to say the book is available for online readers and pre-order for paperback. The book will be on the shelves of booksellers nationwide starting in July!



A special THANK YOU to the Author Anne L. Watson, for contacting me and featuring the miniature dressing table within the book. I do hope Katie Mouse looked into the mirror and smiled at what she saw!


To The Book Store I Will GO in JULY!



Dress Shop “Open”

Do you say The Dress Shop OR Le Robe Magasin?

Although I reside in America, I thought having the Shop name in French would better suit the overall look of the room box.  So…. with that being said, my research began to discover the perfect blend of French words to use as the Shop name.

Many to choose from:

Women Dress Shop, Ladies Haberdashery, Seamstress, Boutique, and others, none of which when translated into French, seemed OOO LA LA enough! Then I came up with LE ROBE MAGASIN. Oddly enough, Le Robe Magasin means The (LE) Dress (ROBE) Shop (MAGASIN) PERFECT!

Come In, take a look, LE ROBE MAGASIN is OPEN (see the sign on the door)!




For additional details, see the link below to the listing:

  • Note I will likely struggle with the French language when I finally do make my first trip!

A Dress Shop

Several posts ago, I wrote about offering room boxes in the Tiny Dwelling shop,  today, I provide you a sneak peek into the future offering of A Dress Shop…

Not certain why I chose to create a dress shop?  Perhaps, I imagine this tiny dress shop to be nestled somewhere in England or France, just waiting for me to discover it, but then again, I also love flower shops, ice cream parlors, antique shops, toy stores and more! Certainly seems I have plenty of other ideas for future room boxes!

The Dress Shop or Le Robe Magasin, in French, is nearly complete, once complete, further details will be obtainable through its listing at


DOLLSHOUSE World Feature

A few posts ago, I wrote about being contacted about being featured in an upcoming issue of  Dollhouse World, a miniature magazine based in the UK, today I share with you the feature.

A special thank you to Maria Fitzgerald and Deb Weissler for this amazing opportunity of Tiny Dwelling, I am most appreciative, THANK YOU…


* Note the wording under the magazine title, UK’S BEST SELLING MINIATURE MAGAZINE!


I also thought I would share with you the first miniature magazine advertisement for Tiny Dwelling. Yes, an advertisement!!! Oh my, I must get working on a more creative looking advertisement, compared to the others, Tiny Dwelling looks a bit ho-hum!


Did I mention how much FUN I’m having with miniatures! Thank you everyone for your continued support of Tiny Dwelling…

OH, one more thing… Soon, I will be sharing more exciting news, so STAY TUNED!!!

Chandelier Shipping

Today, I was presented with a tiny challenge, shipping a Miniature Chandelier for a customer.

People have shared stories with me and the huge disappoint they encounter once their lighting has arrived from other various sources, tangled wires, broken bulbs, and all together missing pieces.

A thought came to mind, “how do all those lovely French Chandeliers arrive safely to their next home?” Crating! It seems I have accomplished the same shipping approach only in miniature form!

I would love to see the surprise on the customers face when they open their package to discover their miniature chandelier crated!

Drum Roll Please

It seems Tiny Dwelling has caught the eye of a miniature magazine located in the U.K.

I am pleased to announce an upcoming editorial feature in the March 2017 issue of Dollshouse World, Meet the Maker section.

I will be receiving a copy of the magazine in the coming days, once received, I will be certain to share the feature with readers. Hummm… maybe I should have offered to personally pick up the copy in person, OH WHAT FUN that would be!!!

Thank you Maria and everyone involved with the feature at Dollshouse World, I am most appreciative to have Tiny Dwelling featured within the magazine!!!

If you would like to learn more about Dollshouse World, take a peek at the link below:

Happy 2017!

Happy 2017 everyone!

I must admit 2016 provided many memorable moments within the world of miniatures, I participated in my first miniature show in Chicago, Illinois. I met many veteran miniaturists with in the industry, Tiny Dwelling had features in two miniature magazines here in the United States, Tiny Dwelling received many amazing reviews from customers in the United States and in twelve other countries and so much more…

I will admit the reason for beginning this blog in the first place, was to chronicle the construction of the French Chateau, the Chateau continues to be a work in progress, I do plan to dedicate more time for its completion in 2017… ( and more blogging!)

I would like to thank everyone for their amazing support of Tiny Dwelling in 2016, I look forward to offering new miniature designs in 2017…

S T A Y   T U N E D !!!