A Peek Inside

I wanted to give you a peek inside THE BIG BOOK OF A MINIATURE HOUSE.

As I mentioned earlier the photographs are amazing, a bit hard to believe what you are seeing is actually in miniature form.

If you find yourself wanting more information on how to purchase this amazing book for yourself, the ISBN number is as follows: ISBN 978 1 86108 954 0

Credits as follows:

Author/Text: Christine-Léa Frisoni 2008/Photography: Bertrand Runtz/Publisher (English Version): Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd (GMC Publications Ltd) United Kingdom.

PicCollage-3             PicCollage-5          PicCollage-4

FIRST IMAGE: front facade and a peek inside the overall structure.

SECOND IMAGE: inside first floor kitchen (bottom), Entry/Foyer (top left), overall view of kitchen (top right).

THIRD IMAGE: second floor bathroom (bottom & top right), another fun bathroom image (top left).

*ALL IMAGES are of the Léa House, except top left bathroom.

As I mentioned earlier, I am constructing the Lea House. The author (Christine-Léa) has done such a wonderful job with this book, providing many photographs to take ideas from should you choose to build your own version. Notice in the bathroom images, one tub is elevated while the other is not. The details are over the top amazing! Now perhaps you are beginning to understand why when I first discovered this amazing book, I found myself inside the rooms before I even noticed the book title!!

On a side note, I decided to contact the author, via her Etsy shop: AtelierdeLea.etsy.com to thank her for creating so amazing book and to also share with her that I am constructing the Léa house.. She thoughtfully replied. If one day I ever have the opportunity to visit Paris, I hope to meet Christine-Léa and see her shop.


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