To The Bookstore I will GO!

Hello Everyone!

The title of todays post “To The Bookstore I Will GO”?

What in the world?

Did I discover another miniature “how to” book? Remember, I started this Blog after discovering a miniature “how to” book!

Several months ago, I was contacted via Tiny Dwelling by a Children’s Book author!

The author was inquiring about a miniature dressing table I had created and at that time was listed for sale within the shop. The author explained to me, she had a series of children’s books featuring mice, with a current book in progress about a mouse named Katie Mouse. Katie Mouse was getting married and this bride was in need of a dressing table!

I was thrilled the dressing table was just what Katie Mouse needed, Katie Mouse sure has a nice human friend looking out for her on her wedding day! The author requested to purchase the dressing table and asked permission to feature the dressing table within the book!

I was so honored children’s author Anne L. Watson contacted me several months ago, because today, I am happy to say the book is available for online readers and pre-order for paperback. The book will be on the shelves of booksellers nationwide starting in July!



A special THANK YOU to the Author Anne L. Watson, for contacting me and featuring the miniature dressing table within the book. I do hope Katie Mouse looked into the mirror and smiled at what she saw!


To The Book Store I Will GO in JULY!