I am happy to announce the addition of Jacominis miniature to the shop of Tiny Dwelling. Jacominis are designed/”crafted” by Dutch artisan Jacomine Mink, located in the Netherlands.

Jacomine Mink. author of two miniature books, The Old Town Bookshop and Variations in Vintage, (both written in Dutch), owner of many dollhouses, writer for various Dutch and International dollhouse magazines, once owning and operating her own dollhouse shop, she she now focuses her time on operating Jacominis.

Tiny Dwelling is now the ONLY exclusive representative of Jacominis in the United States, all Jacominis will be offered in the Tiny Dwelling color palette. Items are now being featured in Tiny Dwelling, under the section titled Jacominis. You can view a larger selection of Jacominis on the Jacominis website: and I encourage you to take a look. Currently the website reads in Dutch and will soon be translating to other languages for all to enjoy!

The Jacominis line is only available here in the United States through Tiny Dwelling, should you discover something on the Jacominis website simply place your item(s) on your “Wish List”, your “Wish List” will then be forward to Tiny Dwelling for processing here in the United States! If you find yourself having any questions about the Jacominis line, simply contact me via Tiny Dwelling, I am happy to help.

I am honored to represent Jacomines, and I invite you to have a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Below is the cover from Jacomines book Variations in Vintage and a photo from inside the second book, The Old Town Bookstore.


FullSizeRender-54 copy

Thank YOU Jacomine for entrusting Tiny Dwelling with this opportunity.