DOLLSHOUSE World Feature

A few posts ago, I wrote about being contacted about being featured in an upcoming issue of  Dollhouse World, a miniature magazine based in the UK, today I share with you the feature.

A special thank you to Maria Fitzgerald and Deb Weissler for this amazing opportunity of Tiny Dwelling, I am most appreciative, THANK YOU…


* Note the wording under the magazine title, UK’S BEST SELLING MINIATURE MAGAZINE!


I also thought I would share with you the first miniature magazine advertisement for Tiny Dwelling. Yes, an advertisement!!! Oh my, I must get working on a more creative looking advertisement, compared to the others, Tiny Dwelling looks a bit ho-hum!


Did I mention how much FUN I’m having with miniatures! Thank you everyone for your continued support of Tiny Dwelling…

OH, one more thing… Soon, I will be sharing more exciting news, so STAY TUNED!!!


Chandelier Shipping

Today, I was presented with a tiny challenge, shipping a Miniature Chandelier for a customer.

People have shared stories with me and the huge disappoint they encounter once their lighting has arrived from other various sources, tangled wires, broken bulbs, and all together missing pieces.

A thought came to mind, “how do all those lovely French Chandeliers arrive safely to their next home?” Crating! It seems I have accomplished the same shipping approach only in miniature form!

I would love to see the surprise on the customers face when they open their package to discover their miniature chandelier crated!