Kris Kringles Elf

In the short time I have been involved in the world of miniatures, I have come to realize most miniature lovers decorate their tiny dwelling(s) for the holidays. Miniature houses are so amazingly FUN on their own, adding holiday miniatures takes the experience to a whole new level!

With the Autumn/Thanksgiving season coming to an end, it now seems appropriate to offer a few Winter/Christmas miniatures within the Tiny Dwelling shop. Below are a few images of items created in the Tiny Dwelling color palette. If you would like to see more, take a peek in the shop or simply do a tiny bit of “window shopping”!


If the French Chateau were finished, I must admit… I would have to place a few of these miniatures around the Chateau.  I previously mentioned, I placed personal parameters on myself, not to have food, animals, people or holidays within the Chateau, well…..

I might add, many people I have met thus far in the world of miniatures warned me this would happen!!!







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