Dolls Dolls Dolls

From the onset of my adventure into the world of miniatures, I placed parameters on myself. I promised I would not get carried away with having to many miniatures…I certainly do not want to end up like some of the people I have met who own miniature shops, and they have SO MUCH stuff, they truly have no idea what they really have…

The parameters were…no food, people, pets or holidays. WELL… I already broke one of those parameters, while at the miniature shows in Chicago this past April, I did purchase some amazing vegetables for the kitchen (there are a few photos in a previous post).

I can pretty much guarantee I will not have people…however, a doll is another story!!!

As for the holiday parameter, I have only placed a small spray of “mistletoe” over the front door… Perhaps when the Chateau is complete, I can see myself placing a few Christmas related miniatures throughout the Chateau, after all, the decorations make the rooms more lifelike, right!!!

I mentioned possibly having a doll in the Chateau, WELL…… this is why….

I happened across the most wonderful blog yesterday,

I’m not sure of its origin, what I am sure of, the person is creating the MOST WONDERFUL dolls and I just had to share some of the images with you… Such beautiful soft muted colors, similar to those offered by Tiny Dwelling, would one of these dolls look amazing sitting in a chair or on a bed inside the Chataeu!!! Unsure if these wonderful dolls can be created in 1:12 scale, I will begin the translation process of the website and see just how small the dolls can be made…

I hope you like the images as much as I do… WELL… I LOVED the images!!!

*update: I am pleased to acknowledge, the maker of these wonderful dolls is Dutch artisian, Nelleke Hoffland. Ms. Hoffland was so very gacious in granting me permission to include images of her creations and links to her blog, as detailed above.


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