Stairs, Balusters, Railing & more…

I am getting a bit closer to having the first floor staircase compete, the staircase is completely handmade, using basswood for the treads (steps), paperboard for the stringers (thats what the threads/steps sit on, paperboard for the risers (back of the step), florist wire for the balusters, (spindles) paperboard for the railing and I decided to carve down a newel post, although I’m not sure if I like it 100% or not…Might be a bit to plump at the base? What do you think?

The staircase is in a VERY ROUGH state at this time, I promise you will see a remarkable difference with its progression…

Remember in the last post the Hear Thee Hear Ye comment!!! Well I DO NOT WANT TO reconstruct this staircase!!!

OH, and in the previous door post, I said the exterior front door was being reconstructed, the exterior of the door is finished, minus the hardware, HOWEVER…that doesn’t mean the interior of the door is complete, as you can clearly see in the image below!!!



Looks like the builder left a bit of a mess for someone to clean up! OH thats ME!



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