Front Door Fix

It seems I have be negligent towards the French Chateau build, while operating the Tiny Dwelling Etsy shop, so….. I set aside a bit of time to work on the Chateau.

Well….. instead of starting on another interior room, I decided the front door was not to scale with the rest of the exterior facade, so….a tiny bit of demolition was need to remove the old (shorter) door to make room for the more appropriate sized door…
I’m much happier now, with the overall front facade with the new door size…

Looking at the before door, notice the size of the door in comparison to the windows… TO SMALL!!! I’m not sure why I didn’t notice this when I originally constructed the door to begin with!!! I was probably so excited about the whole house, that I overlooked it!!!
Hear Thee or Hear Ye: Do it right the first time, so you’re not redoing it later!!!

Door hardware pending…

*Excuse the light exposure, I HAVE NOT repainted the HOUSE!

Also, notice I added a touch of Autumn to the front steps, even thou the house isn’t finished, I can still decorate the steps!!!





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