Chicago Miniature Show Wrap Up

This was our last and final day in Chicago.

Today was another day I was looking forward to, as we were heading to the Chicago International Show, prior to making our way back home.

What I discovered at the Chicago International Show, were many artisans at various skill levels, suppliers of goods (tools, trims, molds, etc) and others selling miniatures purchased straight from miniature wholesale companies. The show consisted of three rooms, with one room called the “Doll Room”, however, I will say there were some pretty cute rabbits and bears as well!

When we entered, we were happy to see dollhouses, overall,  I thought I would have seen more dollhouses or miniature houses at these shows, I did not. Below are a few of the dollhouses/building we discovered upon entering the show.

These houses/buildings were not your typical wood structure, they were constructed from old books and smaller travel cases. I found this building concept to be interesting, as I like to give something old a new purpose and what a great idea to use old books and travel cases. Perhaps in the future I might give this a try, I also have an antique wall clock case , I have been waiting for a perfect project for its use, and now seeing these non traditional methods of construction, I just might be designing a house or room within the clock case.

Below is the inside of the first image above, constructed using a travel case. Clever use..


I had hopes to meet several miniature artisans participating in this show, those particular artisans, in which I have been fortunate enough to have some of their pieces in my miniature collection. I absolutely knew, I wanted to cross paths with who I discovered next! What I didn’t know, is that Mr. Rik Pierce of Frogmorton Studios, would be sitting at the next table after the dollhouse/building display.

Mr. Pierce was selling and signing his latest book with the assistance of his sweet wife Marcia. Mr. Pierce is thought to be very notable in the world of miniatures with many awarded achievements both domestically and internationally. The Pierces and I talked as if we had met before.  I brought my copy of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine into the show, in hopes that Mr. Pierce would sign his feature for me. I felt honored that within the same issue that Mr. Pierce had been featured, my Tiny Dwelling had also been featured.

Mr. Pierce was much obliged to sign my magazine and we even took a photo together! I am very happy I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Pierce at the show, his wife shared with me, he had been in a terrible automobile accident and she suggested this might be his last show. It was evident that Mr. Pierce was pleased to share the photo book with me, it was as if each photograph he was being transported back to the time he made each of the structures featured. He is full of miniature knowledge and I told both he and his wife, if I lived closer, I would visit with them regularly.

FullSizeRender-44 copy


What a treat! To learn more about Mr. Pierce, Google his name or take a peek at

After I got my bearings together, I ventured on into the rooms where the artisans were set up, my mom had made a friend and decided to sit a chit chat awhile while I explored the show ( I really think she was tired, mostly). There were so many amazing sights to see in many price ranges. I will say, I didn’t recall seeing anything greater than the $43K miniature table, I spoke about earlier from The Miniature Show!

All in all,  I enjoyed the entire experience and I do plan to VISIT the shows next year, I will however, stick to only selling via my shop, as this method is SO MUCH EASIER than taking your shop on the road!

If you have thoughts of attending the Chicago miniature shows in 2017, maybe I will see you there!

I will end with a few photos from the “Doll Room”, remember I mentioned rabbits and bears! I think I forgot to mention Goldilocks!

The END…..

Now, I can get back to finishing my Miniature French Chateau… STAY TUNED for updates..

*Amendment: Mr. Pierce and his sweet wife Marcia, will continue to participate in miniature shows. However, while Mr. Pierce continues to recover from his automobile accident the Pierces will stay a bit closer to home.


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