Chicago Miniature Show Day 3

Today was the final day of The Miniature Show. However, today was also the first day of the Chicago International Show and the last day for the third show, Three Blind Mice. All three shows were in different locations, all within 10-20 minutes away by car.

Many people who traveled to Chicago, for the miniature shows, had already visited The Miniature Show during the Preview event, while others visited on Friday (day 2). It was expected the number of people attending today, would be somewhat less, as many were awaiting entry into the Chicago International Show, which opened to the general public on this day.

I didn’t mind a slower day, as it allowed me to rest a bit, re-visit other vendors tables, mingle with other miniature artists and spend time with my mom. I think by this point, I was ready for the show to be over. I REALLY wanted to see the other two shows.

Today, was also the day I was going to treat myself to an amazing miniature and I knew just what that something was going to be! Lucky for me, my very special purchase, was just a few short steps away!  The amazing miniature black iron tiered pot rack with copper pots below is created by the husband and wife team, The Getzans, I was so happy to finally meet them and see their amazing copper wear in person.

I knew I was going to really like the pot rack and copper pots, but….. OH MY GOODNESS!



I knew just the perfect spot for the pot rack! I will let you decided, what do you think?



I’ve decided to make these set available through the shop and other amazing items from the Getzans. So… if you like the set, I know where you can get your own!!

Jennifer from and I did a little trading of goods. Jennifer makes lovely miniature books, letters and others, take a peek at her shop.

Jennifer’s boxes will find a special spot within the “sewing room” in the Chateau, but for now, I will enjoy them in another setting, as the “sewing room” is aways away from being complete!



This next photo is the grand prize wining entry into the miniature contest. The person who made these beautiful clay roses traveled from Poland!

Take a peek at Gosia Suchodolskas Etsy shop: to see her other lovely creations. Gosia shared with me that she is a school teacher in Poland.



All in all The Miniature Show was a wonderful experience for me, I received very nice feedback from customers, I met Sandra W, who was one of my first Etsy customers, Romana in Italy was my very first customer, I finally met the gals from Dollhouse Miniatures, I saw and met many talented miniaturist from around the globe, I purchased a few miniatures to take home, I had my copy of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine that Tiny Dwelling was featured in signed by a VERY NOTABLE miniaturist and a photo taken also! (I will be posting that photo in the final Chicago Miniature Show post), I created new memories with my mom by my side, new miniature friendships are beginning to bloom and so much more…..


I will have one last post with what I discovered on our final day in Chicago.









2 thoughts on “Chicago Miniature Show Day 3

  1. I had a wonderful time in Chicago meeting you Rebecca, It was so lovely to finally meet in person. Your shop items were lovely and It was so nice to meet your fantastic Mom. I hope that I can return to Chicago again someday again. It was fantastic to meet so many Amazing Miniature artists at the show, I wish I was able to attend the other shows, some day. Mini Hugs, Jenn


    1. Hello Jennifer! Thank you of your kind words. I also enjoyed meeting you and Dave, I only wished we could have spent more time together! Your miniature creations bring a smile to my face and memories that perhaps, one day we can build upon!! Tiny Dwelling WILL BE returning in 2017!


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