Chicago Miniature Show Day Two

After a long travel day the day before and a good nights sleep, I was more than ready to tackle the day ahead. This is the day that I finally met Sara Vix from Dollhouse Miniatures (remember she originally suggested I consider participating in the show), Auralea Krieger, Editor of Dollhouse Miniatures, and Lauren Nielsen ( I think Lauren was an intern?, sorry Lauren for not remembering).  Finally meeting Sara and Auralea was a real treat, VERY sweet ladies… Oh, and Auralea, she is AMAZING talented as an artist as well as an editor!


Left to Right: Auralea, Sara then Lauren


I still needed to bring the miniature house in from the truck, as you can imagine, I was a very proud walking in with miniature house, right away people started asking me, if I made the house, my reply “yes”.  Several exhibitors recognized the house from the book (The Big Book of A Miniature House/ previous post), they all had very nice comments and seemed as happy as I was to see the house come to life. At this point, I decided I was in a pretty good place with my table, so I treated myself with a walk around the room to see the other tables.

The room was filled with a variety of miniatures from around the world. Most of the miniatures price points were CONSIDERABLY higher than my most expensive item priced at $104.

Below is a table that was priced at either $43 or $46 THOUSAND dollars, YES, thats right, OH MY!



The above doll stood at only approximately 2″ tall, but it did include a box!



This miniature crystal artist was represented from Ireland, remember all the sizes are 1:12″ scale.


I believe this represented artist was from Belgium. I really loved these sweet little hats with their millinery, 1:12″ scale (approximate dime (10 cents) in diameter. They were $100+.  I have a pretty large stash of vintage millinery, perhaps I should start putting it to use!


This is Hermann Straeten, from Germany, he makes amazing clocks of all styles. He was a very nice man, I just loved the two clocks on the left. Hermann also created other miniatures from plant pods, he is extremely talented.


This was an artist represented, country uncertain. These were very beautiful dimensional mixed media framed art pieces, again 1:12″ scale.


For the shows Preview Event, all exhibitors tables had to be ready to”GO” by 3:00. By the time 3:00 arrived, I had rearranged the table and rearranged a few more times, before I was happy with how the table finally came to be.



The Preview Event started, we were treated to delicious foods, drinks and music. The early shoppers were eager to get started.


Stay tuned………for Saturday and Sunday.



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