Anyone Home

Knock knock, does anyone live in this Tiny Dwelling?

We have a side door!

Door handle or knob? Which will it be?

The side door, is one door handle or knob away from being complete and I must say this was one of the easier steps in the house project.




2 thoughts on “Anyone Home

    1. Hello Cathy!

      Thank you for your kind comment about the door…
      Another thank you for commenting, as your comment is the very FIRST comment for the Tiny Dwelling Blog, I was beginning to wonder if the site was LIVE!!!
      I’m back from my time participating in my first miniature show in Chicago, OH MY, what an experience. I will be posting photos and a sharing my overall experience here on the blog, within the coming days, so be sure and check back..
      Cathy, thank you for continuing to support Tiny Dwelling, I so appreciate your interest.


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