Changing Gears

Today, I decided to change gears and return to working on the miniature house. The house has been sitting untouched, while I have been preparing for the upcoming miniature show in April.

This post will be full of images.

It seems I jumped ahead of myself a little ways back and I “hung” installed wallpaper, that wallpaper has now been replaced with a new design I like much better and overall will be more suited for the kitchen style. Today, the old wallpaper came down and the new wallpaper was measured and temporally positioned. What I also discovered, while I was doing this, I needed to temporally place the sink and stove, both of which are available at in their locations. I then realized, I had forgotten the refrigerator /icebox and where it was going to go!



So,  that brought me to the next photo.



I haven’t been to particularly impressed by the styles of miniature refrigerators that I have been finding, this particular one, came with another piece I purchased somewhere along the way, I wasn’t particularly fond of it either, that is, until today.

The only other remaining area within the kitchen for the refrigerator, was for it to be tucked into a corner, along side a hutch. The refrigerator, as its original size, didn’t look to great next to the hutch, so I decided to make it shorter……. Now at this size, the refrigerator looks great, the only thing left to do, is paint it!



Now for this next photo:


I decided to play around with light fixture locations, and before I could get a good idea of just where I wanted the lights to go, I had to place a few pieces of furniture in their spots… WHAT FUN this was!

Taking a closer look at this photo myself, I now see, I didn’t place the bathroom area, the bathroom will be in the area that has the spinning wheel sitting in it, there will be a wall with a door and small transom window, separating the bathroom from the staircase.

The angle of the photo, doesn’t really show the rooms very well, so I guess this is just a “teaser” photo!

Notice the lack of flooring, ceiling, unfinished staircases, unfinished walls, unfinished furniture and so on…. I kind of got carried away with adding a few extras besides placing just the furniture to determine the light fixture location!!!

The top left room will be a sewing/creating room, originally was a baby nursery.



A better angle of bedroom:



A better angle of kitchen:



Oh, there is some much still to do, if I’m going to take this house to the show!





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