Road to Recovery

I am happy to report, the sutures are OUT!


I am back to FULL SPEED AHEAD with creating and preparing for the rapidly approaching miniature show, taking place April 14-16, Chicago (Schaumburg), Illinois.

I am having so much FUN preparing for this show. This will be my first miniature show since discovering the amazing tiny world of miniatures.. Funny thing is, preparing for a show is no tiny chore……..I have participated in other non miniature shows in years past, so I have a pretty good understanding of how the show circuit operates. Only this time I will not be renting a truck to transport the goods and thats a GREAT thing!

While I’ve be preparing for the show, I have continued to keep Tiny Dwelling on Etsy, OPEN FOR BUSINESS…… my stock for the show, is becoming less and less as orders continue to come in from Etsy!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE.

While preparing for the show, I have also decided to attempt to finish the miniature French Chateau house, after all, the house was the reason for beginning this blog, in the first place!!!

There will be a miniature competition at the upcoming show, those customers attending the show, will cast a vote for their favorite miniature piece. I’m certain the competition will be outstanding, as most of the miniaturists are veterans of their art. You never know until you try, I am not afraid of failing, I am afraid of not trying….

I will begin sharing photographs of the progress of the house and as I being the process of packing for the show, until then….



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