A Little Mishap

Definition of mishap:

mishap |ˈmisˌhap|
an unlucky accident.

Working in miniatures, one would expect a few mishaps here and there, well………………… this past Saturday evening, my family and I made a trip to our local Emergency Room!

It seems while I was attempting to unstick a miniature drawer, I applied to much pressure and before I knew it, I had a mishap! Five sutures later…..I am happy to report, the dresser drawer is no longer stuck and I’m back to using that same old Exacto Knife!

For the next ten days, I have limited use of my left hand, until the sutures are removed (even as I type this, I am only using my right hand). I have to be a bit more caution, as to not reopen the laceration site……..

This is going to a MAJOR challenge, as I can’t sit still!!!



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