A Little Mishap

Definition of mishap:

mishap |ˈmisˌhap|
an unlucky accident.

Working in miniatures, one would expect a few mishaps here and there, well………………… this past Saturday evening, my family and I made a trip to our local Emergency Room!

It seems while I was attempting to unstick a miniature drawer, I applied to much pressure and before I knew it, I had a mishap! Five sutures later…..I am happy to report, the dresser drawer is no longer stuck and I’m back to using that same old Exacto Knife!

For the next ten days, I have limited use of my left hand, until the sutures are removed (even as I type this, I am only using my right hand). I have to be a bit more caution, as to not reopen the laceration site……..

This is going to a MAJOR challenge, as I can’t sit still!!!



Hot Off The Printers Press

Hot Off The Press was the subject line in yesterdays email from Dollhouse Miniature magazine!

Its OFFICIAL, Tiny Dwelling is featured in the March/April 2016 issue!

I will be posting the link to the feature after February 10, I got a sneak peek!!

I am simply tickled with the feature, I can not thank Editor: Auralea, Writer: Deb and last but certainly not least, Marketeer: Sara, these three ladies at Dollhouse Miniature were so easy to work with while all the necessary information was gathered to put the feature together.

Auralea, your selection of Tiny Dwelling miniatures images, certainly gives the reader a good overall sense of what Tiny Dwelling is creating. Deb, did a fantastic job incorporating so many details into the feature, even my sweet little neighbor friend Lydia will be surprised! And Sara, a BIG thank you for sharing your miniature knowledge with me, I like to think, YOU are the one responsible for enlightening me on Tiny Dwellings FIRST UPCOMING SHOW, The Miniature Show, taking place in April (show information in a previous post)…