Dormers and Roof

Last week our area received over 12 inches of snow, 12 inches of snow for our area is very unusual. Schools and businesses were closed, and getting out and about wasn’t happening as the roads were covered in ice and snow.

I decided that I would dedicate some time to work on the miniature house, SO….. I began completing the main roof top and the gabled dormer roof tops. After finishing those area, I decided to begin giving dimension to the front exterior. The building instructions created the “brick like” trim prior to placing the trim on the house, I decided to make the cuts straight into the wood trim pieces (balsa wood), I think the end results are pretty much the same. Having completed these recent steps on the exterior of the house, the next BIG step, is to begin painting the roof and facade, OH MY, then I will begin the interior steps.

I hope to have the house finished by April, as I think the house would look wonderful as part of the table setup for the upcoming miniature show I will be participating in.

My mother in law asked me “what if someone wants to buy the house?”

My reply “That would be a very good problem to have! I will cross that bridge if that time comes!


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