Stairs, Stairs and Stairs

Oh MY!
I must admit I have never ever attempted to build a set of stairs, let alone THREE sets and a landing!!

After measuring, sanding, glueing and prying my fingers apart, the house now has stairs waiting to be installed!!!
I will admit this was a bit challenging, it seemed every time I would glue a step (tread) to the riser, before I could finish the second tread the first tread would be askew. With a total of 19 treads within the three stair cases, this glueing approach just wasn’t working for me, or my poor fingers!

I decided to use masking tape to hold the treads to the riser while everything dried. I also decided to keep the masking tape on the surface of each riser to give the area added strength.. (see photos)

The next step of the stair installation will be to prime and finish all surfaces, make the banisters, handrail and decide on which newel post to use, then I will marry the stairs to the banisters, handrail and newel post. In the first photo you can see a newel post with a “mock” handrail, I am trying to decide if I should use a “beefier” newel post or more delicate newel post.

What do you think?

FullSizeRender-44 copyFullSizeRender-44

P.s: I forgot to mention I had to also temporally remove the bathroom wall to have better access to the second level/landing stairs, also, the walls have been primed.


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