Construction Zone

I have been busy with the construction of the miniature house, as mentioned earlier, the book gives detailed instructions on how to build the “Léa” house.

I have found a couple of things to be most challenging, the measurements are in centimeters and millimeters, here where I live in America we use inches format for measuring, so…. converting all the measurements took some time.  I also found it MOST HELPFUL to purchase a centimeter/millimeter ruler, guess where I purchased it? Hobby Lobby!

If you find yourself needing to purchase a centimeter/millimeter ruler, they are located in the drawing/drafting area of Hobby Lobby.  I also found it helpful to have a quick conversion chart “stashed” in the front of my book, I did a Google search for a conversion chart of centimeters/millimeters to inches..

Remember, I said there were several things I have found to be most challenging, well this is the other…. I CAN’T SEEM TO STOP WORKING ON THE HOUSE!!!

I am having so much FUN, working on the house. I have been switching back and forth from the house to creating miniatures for the Tiny Dwelling Etsy shop.

On another note, I recently participated in a vintage and antique show (non miniature) long story, I  will share with you at another time. I thought since I was going to be participating in this two day show, I decided to take along a few miniatures to see if there might be any other miniature lovers attending the show……..WELL…. I’m so glad I did. Many people comments on the miniature display, however I had two very happy buyers!!! YIPPY YIPPY YIPPY!

I met a gal who was so thrilled she found me, however,  I think we were equally thrilled we had found each other!  Her comments were just the positive reinforcement I needed as a “newby” in the world of miniatures.  We have exchanged emails since our initial meeting and I believe a new friendship just might be forming. Thank you Jolie!

These photographs were of the “first try”, what I quickly realized was the thickness of the wood I purchased was to thin and therefore made for a wobbly structure.  So… back to buy thicker wood and to ask so nicely again of my retired banker turned amazing woodworker neighbor to cut the boards for me again… A HUGE THANK YOU Bill for helping me cut the boards!!! The “second try” proved to be very smart and I began the process of construction.

Notice the reading glasses, miniatures when I am nearing 50 years old is a MUST HAVE!

IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3519 IMG_3520

Here are a few photographs of the progress of the house…

IMG_4292-2 IMG_4293

Front Exterior Shell & Interior Rooms

The little bundles in each room are the base moldings to be added later.


Front Exterior with windows, front door, dormers, shingles and chimney.

So far so good…. TO BE CONTINUED!


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