Introducing the Tiny Dwelling Blog, established July 30, 2015.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Rebecca I am an American living in the Southern United States. Recently I discovered the world of miniatures during a recent trip to a local hobby and craft store. If you are a reader living in the United States, some of you might be familiar with the the hobby and craft store called Hobby Lobby, if you are a reader outside of the United States, Hobby Lobby is a large retailer suppling the needs of many hobbyists both beginner to experienced, with a vast array of supplies. I have been a frequent shopper of Hobby Lobby for many years, as I dabble in many areas of the arts and crafts. Recently during a visit,  I found myself completely drawn into the scene on the front cover of a hardback book, the image was the interior entryway of what I would like to imagine to be a French Chateau.

I was so taken by the image that I didn’t even see the title of the book until my imagination allowed me to return to reality to discover the title:

THE BIG BOOK OF A MINIATURE HOUSE by, Christine-Léa Frisoni ( image attached).

ISBN 978–86108-954-0


I’m not really sure what words to use as how to describe what my eyes were seeing within the pages of this amazing book…. Beautiful Images, Detailed Descriptions, Building Instructions, did I say BEAUTIFUL IMAGES, BEAUTIFUL IMAGES, BEAUTIFUL IMAGES and so much more!

As I leafed through the book with amazement, I quickly realized this amazing book was coming home with me and I had just embarked on what was going to be quite an amazing journey moving forward.

The short of the long is that I had just discovered the world of miniatures and I was about to begin building my first miniature house from SCRATCH!! Later that day when I showed my husband and son the book, followed by “I’m going to build one of the houses featured in the book”, their reply “If anyone can do it, you can!” That was just what I needed to hear!!

SO THE JOURNEY begins, I’m so glad you’re here to be apart of the FUN!


***UPDATE February 2017:

I was contacted by GMC Publications, a UK based publisher, I was informed the author of The Big Book Of A Miniature House, has requested via the publisher that I remove all posts promoting/referencing her book. Why?

There are countless other blogs both located in the UK and the United States of America featuring The Big Book Of A Miniature House.  Those blogs detailing subject matter far greater than Tiny Dwelling, while other online sites, including Tiny Dwelling, are selling “their versions” of one of the houses depicted within the book providing the step by step instructions for creation. Readers/customers will discover within the Tiny Dwelling shop, “my version” of the house depicted in the Big Book Of A Miniature House, not an exact copy, as no two handcrafted items could ever be exact.  The house is simply a “starting point” to begin dialog for customization. The shop of Tiny Dwelling does not take credit for anything not made by Tiny Dwelling and furthermore will share this information within each listing if not create by Tiny Dwelling. Simply stated, I will not take credit for something I did not create.

I began dialog in May 2015 with the books author, with some 14 messages and shared images, the author, acknowledged my blog with its posts referencing The Big Book Of A Miniature House, the author expressed her encouragement with me writing the blog, stating ” You are a great builder and a great person” “I wish you lot of fun with your blog and your mini French house”, the author also requested an addition be added to her name. The Tiny Dwelling USA blog, also provides a direct link to the Tiny Dwelling shop, should any reader be interested in viewing the shop to learn what miniatures are being offered.

The Tiny Dwelling USA blog, refrenced all parties involved with The Big Book Of A Miniature Home, all were given full credit, including the ISBN reference number for those readers who might have interest in learning the publisher information or purchasing the book. The book I purchased, did not have any documented United States copyright ownership information within the book, either prior to or following the documented UK copyright information.

With 18 months passing of the introduction of this blog and 21 months passing of the authors acknowledgement of the blog, why is the author now requesting any and all mention of The Big Book Of A Miniature House be removed?

Did I mention, Tiny Dwelling has been featured in the March 2017 issue of Dolls House World, UK’s best selling miniature magazines, perhaps the timing of all this is simply coincidental or perhaps not. To learn more about the magazine feature, stay tuned.


Miniatures…who would have thought could be so complicated.  I was once told I was a “breath of fresh air in the miniature world” now I’m beginning to understand that compliment. Should you find yourself wondering where this request stands, I will provide updates as I receive them myself.


Febuary 2017, EMAIL from Publishing Company:

“This has been forwarded to a colleague at GMC Publications. We are looking into this and will get back to you in due course”.

January 2018: No Update.




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